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okoHaus Receives TrustMark Registration: What This Means

Here at okoHaus, trust and transparency are two of our core values. We believe that taking care of our customers should be a top priority no matter what, and Trustmark has now allowed us to take this even further. We are pleased to announce that okoHaus is now a TrustMark registered firm through FENSA. Now, you can rest easy knowing that your window and door systems are in even better hands.

What Is TrustMark Registration?

TrustMark is a government-endorsed sign of consumer protection for home improvements, repairs, renewable energy installations, and low-energy retrofits. Basically, it’s a sign that as a consumer, you are protected and guaranteed top-notch home improvement services. Attaining a TrustMark registration is a sign of reputability and trust, as it involves several steps to prove to a certifying authority that a company’s consumer protection strategies are of an extremely high standard.

Energy efficiency is one of the major pillars of TrustMark, and being a business that prioritises energy efficiency has helped okoHaus on our quest to attain our TrustMark certification and join the other TrustMark certified businesses that share our values.

What Does TrustMark Mean for okoHaus?

For years, okoHaus has been one of the leading providers of sustainable door and window solutions in the East Anglia area. Our focus has always been on sustainability and customer satisfaction. Through our TrustMark certification, we can expand our horizons and build our reputation further toward a cleaner tomorrow.

With TrustMark, we will hold our word in accordance with the Customer Charter and provide even more accurate performance claims for our door and window solutions, especially when it comes to energy saving and our plan for a carbon-free 2025. We treat our customers’ homes with the same care as our own, and with TrustMark and FENSA, our processes and tests are even safer, and our appointments are more ironclad.

The sanctity of your home is a top priority, and our team of installers working on your new build or refurbishment projects communicate clearly and efficiently while keeping all your information, requirements, and work area safe and sound.

Our Vision for a Sustainable Future

At okoHaus, we are actively trying to reduce our environmental footprint for a better tomorrow. Not only do we work with TrustMark and FENSA, we’ve also partnered with organisations like Suffolk Wildlife Trust and PassivHaus Trust so that our doors and windows not only improve your home or workplace but also improve our beloved blue planet.

Build a Better Relationship with okoHaus

With our newly acquired certification, communication and understanding between us and our clients can be a more streamlined process. You can arrange an appointment or a conversation as quickly as possible, and even file a complaint should something go wrong by following the TrustMark process. Our resources and advice will be at your fingertips whenever the need arises, and by following the contractual and legal obligations on both your and our side, we can ensure a hassle-free service. With clarity on our end, we will make sure you can make well-informed decisions with no regrets in sight. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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