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Modern, high performance windows and doors require similarly high performance installation detailing.  Our Illbruck range of external sealants and internal membranes is versatile enough to be able to deal with any construction interface you are likely to meet.

- High performance, meaning low U values, high weather tightness and high acoustic performance

- Range of external sealants and impregnated foams, suitable for joints where movement is expected

- Range of internal air tightness membranes and EPDM's

- Range of external and internal protection tapes, to minimise the risk of damage to your windows and doors from following trades

- Available as part of an installation kit from okoHaus, ensuring you receive the materials you need for your project if you choose to install yourself

Aluminium clad timber window

TP600 compriband: The original and proven to be the best performing impregnated tape in the market. Forms a vapour permeable external weather-tight seal.

ME508 airtightness membrane: A non-woven fleece laminate which is self-adhesive across the full width of the membrane for optimised adhesion and vapour control.

ME508 can be used for sealing window connection joints, particularly where wet plaster will be applied.

FM330 Expanding Foam:  Insulates the gap between the external compriband and internal airtightness membrane, giving the installation improved thermal performance.
Ideal for tight gap filling, with a movement accommodation factor of 50% that ensures the integrity of the seal is maintained.

Illbrucks i3 system comprises of 3 elements; external TP600 compriband, internal ME508 airtightness membrane and intermediate FM330 foam.  Check out this step by step guide showing how to install the i3 system using our Rationel AuraPlus windows

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